Preparing Motorists and Cars for Safe Winter Driving

Winter conditions are much more punishing or at least painful than any other season. It would only take few hours outside in freezing weather to suffer hypothermia and frost bites. Motorists need to be always prepared for the worst weather and worst thing happening on the road. It may be a routine weekly walk in the woods but you may be stranded with a flat battery in your car and perhaps on your cell phone.

You Should Keep Winter Cloths in Your Automobile and Wear Sensibly

No matter how short you expect the journey to be you should always get your coat in the winter. A short journey can be extended with tire punctures, accidents and other unexpected hold ups. Motorists get stranded in most unexpected places at odd hours. There may be moderate level on snow on the roads but a turn in the wind would bring all on the road and close it.

Rescue will take time even you manage to request one. They may have to face the same problem that stranded you or bogged down with many other calls. If you have warm clothes, blanket, hat and glows you will be able to hold out even overnight if you have to. It is a good idea to keep some energy food like chocolates in the vehicle to help you out.

What Precautions You Should Take with Your Car in Winter?

There are certain maintenance precautions you can take with automobiles especially in colder regions. This involves topping up antifreeze in the water containers and changing oil with freeze resistant alternatives. Usual oil and lubricants may be prone to freezing. You should always check oil and water levels regardless of where you are and what season it is.

All-season tires may be alright for occasional snow. But for heavy snow regions it would be a wise decision to buy set of tires for winter. This will make sure that pressure on them will remain the same and traction will always be reliable. Many cars skid and end up on the side of the road or in the ditch because of lost traction in the winter even on a straight road. These tires become extra important in hilly areas.

Windshield wipers are cheap to replace and repair but they carry an important function. They may need to be replace with winter ones that are made especially for freezing conditions. Experts advise that you should keep your fuel tank filled in winter. Empty tanks can result in freeze in the fuel pipes that stop engines or prevent them from starting. Furthermore, there are gas line anti-freeze additives to reduce this possibility.

For the possibility of being stranded in worse winter conditions you should prepare a survival kit in the car. Clothing, blankets, gloves, hats, non-perishable food and drinks are some of the essentials for yourself. A battery jump cable, ice scraper, flashlights and may be a shovel are some of the essential items for your automobile. When the outside is freezing cold your vehicle may be the safest place to be. Unless you are only a short distance away and sure to make the next help point you should wait it out.

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