How Mood Drugs Can Depress Car Insurance Rates

Taking drugs that affect your mood will affect driving abilities as well. Those drugs are antidepressants, sleeping pills and anxiety drugs which are prescribed medicines in the United States of America. Drivers have to read and ask about the side effects of the drugs they are taking. Even some strong cold medicines can cause sleepiness on some people.

According to a report from IMS Health, a health care technology company, the number of antidepressant prescriptions in America has increased two hundred and seventy percent in the last ten years. So, many American drivers are on these medicines and some may not be paying attention to the side effects.

These drugs are used to treat anxiety, depression and insomnia. Taking them will reduce symptoms of mental illness such as loneliness, anxiety and mood swings. However a study published in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology points out that these mood-altering drugs also increase a driver’s risk of ending up in car accidents.

Vehicle crashes especially when the policyholder is at fault are one of the main reasons for car insurance rate increases. Depending on drivers’ fault and size of accidents your premiums can go up 10 – 50% at the next renewal following the claim.

Those drugs are normally sold with prescription. The reason for that is their effect on the mental capacity of a person. They can change the levels of chemicals in the brain in order to restore the normal balance. In the process these chemical changes can affect brain functionality and attention span.

Common side effect reported from users of these drugs is drowsiness. According to doctors this drug-induced drowsiness causes driving impairments. They can also make drivers extremely tired, dizzy and slow down their reactions. Loosing body coordination, slowing response time and blurred vision is common side effects seen on drivers.

Effects of medicines on individuals can differ largely. Depending on your age you may be affected more than others. Ladies are known to be affected more than males.  Elderly people can fall under the influence very quickly and take longer to get rid of the affects from body because of slow operating metabolism.

According to the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology studies the chances of users of these drugs involving in accidents are higher. If you are taking these drugs and going behind the wheel you can experience slow reactions. You may miss the red lights and have blurry vision. This will reduce the stopping times and the distance you can see clearly. These are the combinations that cause you crash the automobile.

People should always read the warnings about the side effects of medicines regardless of them being prescription or over the counter drugs. They should ask their doctors about side effects as well. While trying to fix a problem in your body you do not want to cause a serious harm to it and others around you.

Also, they should monitor their reactions to these drugs before they can judge their fitness for driving. A little care and attention can allow you to enjoy the benefits of the drugs without causing any danger.

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