Three Things Not Covered In Vehicle Insurance Policies

As a policyholder in United States of America, you must be aware of some of these things that an insurance company may exclude in case of any accident. The policy explains this very well and as a buyer you have to agree with the terms before buying a cover. This is to avoid confusion that may arise when an accident or incident happens. The insurer will ensure that you know all because they do not want to disappoint you when you find yourself in a situation where you need them and they are not available. Another reason why they may demand that you go through the policy is to avoid having their name destroyed in the insurance industry.

Let’s now look at these three things that the insurance company will not be accountable for. Number one is causing an incident knowingly. In many cases people make a mistake of being careless with a mind of ‘if anything happens to my vehicle the insurance will pay for it.’ This is not the case. The company will insure a vehicle and cover for an accident that was not expected and not intentional. Getting angry with your spouse and taking it out of the family car with a bat is not something insurance companies are willing to pay for.

In this case, the insurer may pay you when someone hits your car or when anything hits your car and breaks a side mirror or something of the same kind and you were not in control of it. Note that this may only happen when your cover has an inclusion of it.

Number two is being involved in an accident while running away from a crime that you have committed. Sometimes you may have owed someone a debt and you don’t want them to catch you, or from a roadblock because you are carrying illegal things. In this case your insurer will reject you and your claim will not be listened to. This will mean that no matter how small or large the damage is you will have to pay with your own money.

Last but not the least is a case here the driver causes an accident because of drunkardness. The driving rules are very clear and no one who doesn’t know them. This is something that a driver does knowing that it is wrong. If you have to drink it is advisable that you get another driver who is sober to take you to your destination. This being one of the car accident causes, the driver has to pay for all the damages he caused to his own vehicle. Third party liabilities may still have to be paid by the insurer.

This may not only force you to pay for the damages but also lose your insurance policy. If your insurer gets the information of the accident they may decide to terminate your cover at renewal. Another cause that you may incur on your shoulder is getting another agreeable car insurance rate.

As a policyholder, you should understand that you are still the owner of that vehicle and the work of the insurance company is not to take care of it but they have you to take care of it. This means that you will know how it is, who drives it, where it is and its condition daily. This will not only ensure that your vehicle is in good state but also cut down your cost of maintenance. Also you will qualify for goo driver discounts.

Remember the insurer has to do this in order to avoid loss. This is to avoid schemes of getting money easily from them by paying you for a vehicle that might be new but has lost its value. Another thing is making the insurer pay you for a cause that you could have prevented.

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