Car Insurance Discounts for Certain Professions

Historically many large companies of today started their business life as a specialist insurer to certain sector or group. Some of them still work mainly with the same group of clientele. Others build business models on offering good car insurance rates to certain group of people. This does not necessarily mean that they will offer you the lowest rates. Nonetheless, you should at least get a quote from them before checking with the rest of the market.

What Professionals and Groups Can Get Discounts?

Various companies offer different discounts for different groups. GEICO is one of those companies that offer around fifteen percent savings to over 270 professional groups, clubs and associations. USAA Insurance offer policies exclusively for military service personal, their immediate families and retirees. There are other companies that offer discounts for teachers, academic staff, nurses, doctors, engineers, fire fighters and many more.

Not related to your profession you can get discounts for being member of certain automobile clubs like AAA, working for companies with special deals with certain insurers and being member of associations with good ties with insurers. You can check these online and may even become member there and then to qualify for immediate savings.

Why Auto Insurers Offer These Savings?

You may not actually be interested in hearing the answer and the fact that they do may be enough for you. However, there are several reasons. First of all, they study certain professions and find them to be low risk. For example, some companies consider engineers to be low risk maybe perhaps they are more methodological about driving.

Secondly, some companies have chosen certain part of the market as their speciality and they corner that market better than anyone else. For example, USAA Insurance is one of the largest auto insurers in the USA and they achieve it even though they only sell policies to army personnel. They also provide home insurance and banking services for this group. It is clear that it worked out well for them.

Thirdly, it is better to win customer in thousands rather than in ones and twos. By offering discounts to certain groups they manage to lure them in with little advertising efforts. Also, word of mouth works very well when you are targeting certain group that communicate with each other on a regular basis. So, the discounts offered may just be the savings they keep from advertisements.

Would Education and Success in Life Help As Well?

You should absolutely make it clear that you have got a degree and you have a good desk job. Also, being a home owner and living in nice neighborhood qualifies you for lower auto insurance quotes. Some companies care about education, profession, financial standing and background as much as driving history.

This fact has been proven with researches carried out by online brokers. They have chosen several top vehicle insurance companies and got quotes from them using prototype applicants. Results are that applicants with good education, home ownership and married life managed to get better rates than single parents with blue color job and living in a rented apartment.

If you can qualify for any discounts whatsoever why would you not go for it and keep your costs low? Look into what your qualifications are and which companies value those more.

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