Avoid Dangers While Driving By Learning Them

The statistics shows that there have been great changes in American roads. The report says that the road accident death rates have gone down to 3 percent as from 2010. Nevertheless, people need to be more careful as still thousands of people are dying due to road accidents every year. That is why it is important to avoid these crashes if you do not like to be in the next statistics as one of the people who died on American roads.

It have been reported that many people cause accidents on the roads every day. This is because they are usually confident of driving and knowing that they know all the corners, bump and any pot hole that is in any place. This makes it hard for them to cause accidents in other roads because they are careful of not making any mistake.

Most road accidents are reported to be coming from the countryside than in the city. This shows that there is a difference between driving in the city and rural places. This is because roads in such areas are very narrow with a thin line in the middle. If any of the drivers make a mistake it can lead to a lot of losses. This is where we find a lot of collisions than in other roads while single vehicle crashes are reported in the highways.

This means you can survive from a city accident but it is a bit cost when it comes to insurance. It is very easy to get high rates when you are staying in the city. This is because of small accidents that happen and damage your car. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the accident has to hurt somebody only but it can damage your car. The damages will go to the insurer who will help in dealing with it and for injured people. You may choose not to involve the insurer in this but the fact is you have ended up spending money in a way that you had not planned for.

There are places where accidents happen often and you should avoid them. A good example is in the parking areas. In most cases these are where you may find that your car has been dented by another driver who was trying to park. This happens during busy hours when everyone is trying to park where they want and the same space maybe wanted by someone else. You should as well avoid parking near the exit and entrance since when another person is entering or leaving the parking and there are other vehicles moving in an out there are likely to scratch your car.

City junctions are other places where vehicle collision takes places. People fail to recognize the speed of other automobiles, wait for their turn or get back on speed fast enough. It has been report that in the year 2008 thirty percent of accidents were such crashes. It is important that each and every driver be mindful of another.

There are some drivers who think driving in their lane is enough and they do not need to do anything else. This can cause fatal accidents in any roads since there may be a driver who is under the influence and if others are not checking they might find themselves in the trap of death.
It should be the same for the day or night since this seems to have no difference. Remember during the day there are many drivers on the roads than at night. On the other hand the numbers of drunk drivers are more at nigh which raises the chances of causing a lot of accidents thereby making it more risk to drive at such an hour.

The climatic conditions have a lot of influence in the roads too. There are people who would say that many accidents are likely to happen at such times but it doesn’t seem so. This is because when climate changes many people are readily set with the right tires and they drive very carefully unlike other days when they drive without much worry and they increase speed which can cause accidents.

The curves also contribute to this and it has been discovered that that accidents on a straight roads are caused by curves. As a driver you must be very careful on the roads so as to save lives and also money by keeping auto insurance rates low.

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