How to Find A Decent Auto Insurance Company

There are hundreds of auto insurers in every states of America. Yet, it is may be confusing when it comes to choosing one of them. Especially the new drivers may not know where to start when they are looking for auto insurance coverage. There are several established ways of going about it. The possible sources of recommendation or information are listed below.


Asking around to your parents, friends and college is a good starting point. Nearly everyone has a car and knows an insurance company that you should hear some names. Ask if they ever needed to fill a claim and how the company responded. You are buying insurance just in case you may have to make a claim in the future, not to financially support a giant insurance firm.

Current Insurer

You may have already had a contact with an insurer as a renter or homeowner. If you know such company you could start with them. Most insurance companies offer policies for cars as well. In addition, you can possibly demand around 10% discounts for buying another policy with the same firm.

State Insurance Departments

Every state insurance department operate differently. Nonetheless, they provide plenty information about the insurers licenced within the state. Some of them will publish additional information like possible rates from each firm and the number of complaint they received from customers.

Online Auto Insurance Comparison Sites

These sites are probably the fastest and most useful sources of information for vehicle owners. By just entering your zip code you can see quite a few offered displayed from top car insurers in your area. It does not stop there. Should you decide to explore further there is a link you can follow through. This will take you straight to the selected company’s official site.

These sites serves very well when you like to shop around first to find out all your offers. One of the main mistakes young motorists do is to go with the first quote they receive. There is no way of knowing if it is a good quote or expensive one when you do not look at the alternatives. Getting at least 4-5 quotes is highly recommended by most experts.

Then, you will need to have a look at the level of coverage offered as well. Actually you should have an idea as to what is the acceptable coverage for you. And use this information when you are getting quotes. Still some companies will offer extras within the package they offer. Who does not want little bit more for the same money.

If you like the best and get it at the cheapest premium you will need to do a little leg work. But you do not earn the money you are spending easily either. So, another good way of increasing your living standards is to make the money earned go a little further.

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