Drunk Driving Can Ruin Reputation and Car Insurance Rates

An arrest while driving drunk will have immediate effect on yo r auto insurance. Companies won’t/cannot drop the policyholderr immediately but they will most likely not renew the policy. There are not many alternatives when you are dropped because of it. You will have to seek a high-risk vehicle insurer and they will not come cheap.

The total cost of DUI arrest can be thousands of dollars with the fines, defence costs, loss of licence, loss of earnings and automobile insurance premiums. If you are employed as a driver you are most likely to lose the job. Companies will not be able to keep you even they want to because their commercial insurance will not cover a drunk driver.

The liabilities claims can increase tenfold when the injured parties’ lawyers know that you were drunk. You will face criminal charges and jail time should you cause fatalities behind the wheel. In most cases the driving licence will be taken away for ninety days. The DUI will remain in your licence for five years and your insurance rates will be horrendous for the first three years at least. You may have to pay as much as four times for the basic liabilities cover which is mandatory across the United States of America.

The insurer will most likely be a non-standard company specialized in high risk drivers. None of the top auto insurers will be interested in even quoting for your business. There will be conditions and premiums will be incredibly high.

According to the National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration around one and half million people get arrested for being drunk while driving every year.  If you get caught behind the wheel with blood-alcohol level of 0.08 you will lose your licence for ninety days. If you refuse the breath test you will lose it for one hundred and eighty days. It is not a joke and you will certainly not be laughing. It is almost certain that you will be dropped by most insurers once you are arrested.

When you get your licence back you will be required to fill in financial responsibility certificates for at least three years. This is to make sure that you buy at least liabilities policies. Also, courts will most likely require you to fit ignition devices that will require you to test yourself before the vehicle can be started. If you have alcohol in your system it will not start.

Several factors will affect what happens after the arrest. These are age, driving and criminal record and your legal defence. You will probably need to spend some money for the court costs and lawyers. You would be very lucky if you can get away with minimum fines and convictions. Getting charged with reckless driving instead of drunk driving can make things considerably better for you.

Total cost of being convicted with DUI can be as much as twenty thousand dollars overall that a good legal defence is warranted. Sometimes people can be unluckily caught and maybe just on the border. Then, you’d better make a good case.

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