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Drive Safe and Avoid High Automobile Insurance Costs

Car insurance companies have many ways of keeping a tab on their policyholders apart from the obvious indicators like having at fault accidents and making claims. They regularly check with Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) for traffic violation tickets and point deductions. They also check the latest financial position of policyholders by getting credit report from credit agencies. They can run the automobile to be insured for any past accidents, damages and claims too to make sure they do not insure a salvaged auto.

When they come across any negative information they can add a surcharge to their usual rates. The opposite is true as well since they offer discounts for clean policyholders. Both are in fact the same thing in terms of premiums. Whatever they are called the end result is that your premium can go up, down or stay in its current low level.

Effects of Negligent Driving on Car Insurance Rates

Surely nobody believes to be born as a bad driver. Over time people can keep getting better with experience and cut out behaviours that can cause accidents behind the steering wheel. They develop better respect for traffic rules and do not pick up traffic tickets any more. All these improvements will show results almost immediately.  As soon as you complete one year without any troubles on the roads you will start getting discounts.

Carrying on the same direction of constantly making mistakes will result in worrying driving records. This could come to a point that you will be paying large chunk of your wages for car insurance. Some drivers will even find it harder to find auto insurance policies. If you have been having accidents for the last three years on a row it is clear that you are in line for a big one and it is probably soon. Why should any insurer take a chance with you?

When this starts to happen it may be time to go back to driving school and learn it all over again. There are several courses under various names to help you do that. Safe driving or advance driving courses can help you correct some of the mistakes you have been doing. A positive change in your attitude will not be gone without notice.

How Long Does It Take to Clean a Driving History?

As mentioned above you need to take it step by step. Get the first clean year under your belt and move from there. The longer you avoid accidents, claims and traffic tickets the larger the savings. Depending on your age, gender and the company you are with the savings can ranger between twenty to forty percent for three years of no claims and tickets.

Usually, most car insurers look at the last three years of driving history. Some gives further discounts up to five years. So, you would be considered a pretty good driver if you have not had any claims in the last three years. In addition, most points you receive on your driving license due to traffic tickets gets removed from DMV records after three years. In some states serious incidents may take four years and DUI would most likely stay on your record at least five years.

Low Mileage Car Insurance Discounts

There are many reasons why many motorists may be driving only few miles a year. It is not easy to let go of an automobile as it represents independence and option to pick up the keys and drive away. It does not matter that we do not use this option often. When many senior drivers are asked in a survey they said that they want to be able to drive very late in their lives. Simply because they do not want to feel like stuck in the house and cannot get out.

Looking at Your Driving Habits and Lifestyle

Generally work affects how many miles people drive. People who are working long hours and weekends in the cities do not have much time to use their cars. They have convenient public transport and constant availability of taxis. When they like to go away they usually like to go very far away. It is still highly likely that they keep a car around. Considering how expensive it is to insure a car in the city they can save a few hundred dollars by driving less than 7,000 (or 10,000 for some companies) miles a year.

Again, car insurance is expensive for young and older drivers. Young drivers can save considerable amount if they are not driving much. If they are living in a college campus they are unlikely to use their car to go to lectures and back. Even in their free times students do not go far out of the campus.

The same is true for elderly drivers. They keep cars around only for going to doctors’ appointments, do grocery shopping and few errands around.  Most of them do not take a long trip because of their health and medications. They do not go out during rush hours and at night. They too can save money on their expensive vehicle insurance premiums.

What Are the Cutting Off Points In Which Car Insurance Rates Changes?

Usually under 3,000 miles is for occasionally used cars like classics or seasonal cars like open cars. They normally manage to get really reasonable rates due to their occasional usage. Driving under 7,000 miles a year can save you between ten to fifteen percent. Usually the premiums start picking up after 12,000 miles. Nearly eighty percent of motorists drive between 7,000 to 12,000 miles a year. Once you go over 25,000 miles a year you are seriously on the road and start seeing its effects on your premiums.

Enlightening Your Auto Insurer with Accurate Mileage Details

As mentioned above your work can dictate how many miles you will drive with your private car. If you are in the sales business and making the calls on your own vehicle you can cover a few thousand miles a year. This may not be a problem if your company is paying allowance for using your own vehicle. Also, you may have a company car which you can take home to complete the commute. In such case, your own one may be sitting in the garage most of the time. Work out how often it goes out and how many miles it travels each term.

It is worth getting the mileage right as many companies do their own estimates based on your occupation, background and commute distance. They may have been over estimating your mileage. If we look at the above salesman example, they may have estimated a high mileage for you. However, you would not be driving anywhere near to that with your own automobile if the company is providing you with one.

Remember that there are variations as to how companies look at the mileage. Some companies consider below 7,000 as low mileage while few of them may have this number at 10,000. It is always worth checking what the position is and you should never buy insurance or renew without getting alternative quotes.

Insurance Implications of Friends Driving Each Other’s Cars

Most of us do not think much of picking up the keys of our friends’ or relatives’ automobiles. In the same way, we may not think twice before generously handing over the keys to our own cars. Maybe it is a good idea to have a look at the implications as to what would happen should there be an accident. There is a possibility that our friendship may not stand up to the strains an accident with a friend’s car can cause.

Insurance Implications of Lending Your Car to Occasional Drivers

We should first look at what would happen if we borrowed our car to someone of a chance happening. Most standard automobile insurance policies would not have a problem with covering this driver for this occasional borrowing of the insured vehicle. Quite a few policies would have a condition stating that anyone who drives your car must be at least 25 year old and has a valid driving license. This way, insurers can have some sort of control over who can drive the insured vehicle. They consider young drivers to be high risk and therefore they exclude them for even a short few hours.

Some cheaper or non-standard vehicle insurance policies may exclude any other driver unless except they are listed on the policy. There is a high chance you know this condition before you bought the policy. It is a way of bringing the premiums down and many people voluntarily take this option. So, first you should familiarize the terms of conditions on your policy about occasional drivers.

One point to keep in mind is that usually auto insurers do not consider people living with you to be occasional drivers in this sense. They like to know who else live with you over the age of driving. They would take a note of them even though they are not listed on the policy. It would make sense to include them on your policy to clarify the position. Normally, it would cost nothing or not much to include drivers over the age of 25 with good driving records to be included on your policy.

Borrowing Someone Else’s Automobile and Insurance

We now know that insurance usually go with the car from above context. When your friend lends you his vehicle he should have insured it for your use as well. To make sure you can ask if that is the case and you would be insured while driving the auto in question. Normally owners are supposed to insure their cars properly and control its use.

You cannot insure someone else’s car although there may be exceptions in the case of partners living in the same house. It may not matter who owns the car and either partner may be able to insure it. As an outsider you can only buy insurance for others’ cars in two ways. You may be able to extend your liabilities insurance with your own car to include accidents you had with others’ vehicles.

Secondly, you may be able to buy non owners auto insurance to cover liabilities arising from driving cars belong to others. Non-owner vehicle insurance normally only covers liabilities. In both arrangements we are only talking about excess liabilities. The first call of third party claim payments would still be the insurance of the vehicle’s owner. Should he/she not have insurance, have insufficient coverage or damages go well beyond the limits of owner’s policy your liability insurance arrangements kicks in.

In some cases, people may choose to sue the driver separately. This would be the case if they consider you negligent in the accident. Then you would feel lucky that you have own liability coverage. It is always a smart decision to buy sufficient amount of liabilities coverage especially in this age of litigations and ambulance chasing lawyers.

What Happens to Car Insurance Rates after Accidents

Automobile insurance companies have certain risk levels and premium charges go with those levels. Depending on your driving history your risk level goes up or down. The more likely to cause accidents the higher risk you are for auto insurers. What better way of proving you are pretty low risk than showing them a clean driving history? It is to say that you are capable of running your vehicle without getting involved in accidents.

What Benefits Drivers Get for Making No Claims?

Motorists start getting discounts for every year they manage to have no incidents or traffic tickets. They can get as much as thirty percent savings after three years of no claims. It is therefore important to keep a clean sheet and keep saving money on premiums. Good driver discounts are the highest discounts most companies offer for a single reason.

After four or five years you can buy accident forgiveness from your current insurer. They sell this coverage usually to their loyal customers with long enough clean driving history. Then, you can keep your rates even though you may be unlucky to have one accident. The insurers take a note of it but already promised not to increase your premium because of it.

How Much Premium Increases You May Suffer After Accidents?

This usually depends on your current savings and seriousness of accidents. If you are found at fault and you caused some damage you expect to see some rises on automobile insurance charges. What this is in fact losing your no claim discounts and getting a little surcharge. So, if you had a few years of no claims bonus you would see considerable rate increases after an at fault accident.

When you apply for your first policy companies have no idea as to how good and sensible driver you are. At that point they will not offer you any discounts for your driving records. But having an accident proves a point in the negative direction. Now you have proven that you can cause accidents and you are higher risk. This may mean you now face surcharges.

A claim would normally be considered important in your records for about three years. Most companies are happy to overlook your driving history more than three years. Therefore, if you just had an accident you will need to wait for three years until your record is considered clean again. However, you would still be seeing discounts on your premiums for every year that you remained accident free following your accident.

Depending on other factors the premium increases could be serious or minor. For example, teen auto insurance premiums would considerably go up following accidents. On the hand, mature drivers with years of experience and otherwise good driving history may not see much change on their rates. Being hundred percent at fault and getting traffic violation tickets and license point deductions will increase the rates more.

Can Car Insurance Companies Cancel Policies Following Accidents?

This is unlikely to happen and they are not allowed to cancel policies midway into the term because of an accident. Policyholders do have accidents and that is why they buy policies to protect themselves. Nonetheless, they are unlikely to have mercy on drunk drivers causing the accidents and they can cancel the policy on that basis.

Avoid Dangers While Driving By Learning Them

The statistics shows that there have been great changes in American roads. The report says that the road accident death rates have gone down to 3 percent as from 2010. Nevertheless, people need to be more careful as still thousands of people are dying due to road accidents every year. That is why it is important to avoid these crashes if you do not like to be in the next statistics as one of the people who died on American roads.

It have been reported that many people cause accidents on the roads every day. This is because they are usually confident of driving and knowing that they know all the corners, bump and any pot hole that is in any place. This makes it hard for them to cause accidents in other roads because they are careful of not making any mistake.

Most road accidents are reported to be coming from the countryside than in the city. This shows that there is a difference between driving in the city and rural places. This is because roads in such areas are very narrow with a thin line in the middle. If any of the drivers make a mistake it can lead to a lot of losses. This is where we find a lot of collisions than in other roads while single vehicle crashes are reported in the highways.

This means you can survive from a city accident but it is a bit cost when it comes to insurance. It is very easy to get high rates when you are staying in the city. This is because of small accidents that happen and damage your car. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the accident has to hurt somebody only but it can damage your car. The damages will go to the insurer who will help in dealing with it and for injured people. You may choose not to involve the insurer in this but the fact is you have ended up spending money in a way that you had not planned for.

There are places where accidents happen often and you should avoid them. A good example is in the parking areas. In most cases these are where you may find that your car has been dented by another driver who was trying to park. This happens during busy hours when everyone is trying to park where they want and the same space maybe wanted by someone else. You should as well avoid parking near the exit and entrance since when another person is entering or leaving the parking and there are other vehicles moving in an out there are likely to scratch your car.

City junctions are other places where vehicle collision takes places. People fail to recognize the speed of other automobiles, wait for their turn or get back on speed fast enough. It has been report that in the year 2008 thirty percent of accidents were such crashes. It is important that each and every driver be mindful of another.

There are some drivers who think driving in their lane is enough and they do not need to do anything else. This can cause fatal accidents in any roads since there may be a driver who is under the influence and if others are not checking they might find themselves in the trap of death.
It should be the same for the day or night since this seems to have no difference. Remember during the day there are many drivers on the roads than at night. On the other hand the numbers of drunk drivers are more at nigh which raises the chances of causing a lot of accidents thereby making it more risk to drive at such an hour.

The climatic conditions have a lot of influence in the roads too. There are people who would say that many accidents are likely to happen at such times but it doesn’t seem so. This is because when climate changes many people are readily set with the right tires and they drive very carefully unlike other days when they drive without much worry and they increase speed which can cause accidents.

The curves also contribute to this and it has been discovered that that accidents on a straight roads are caused by curves. As a driver you must be very careful on the roads so as to save lives and also money by keeping auto insurance rates low.

Avoiding Traffic Violation Convictions

Motorists can get traffic tickets for all sorts of reasons including not being able to show insurance certificate, speeding and not wearing seat belts. If it is just a fine and you are not ask to stand in front of a judge the effects of them on your car insurance rates may be minimal. A moving violation conviction and driving licence point deduction is something you cannot hide.

Auto insurers find out about traffic violations by looking at the driver licence details. If a ticket is thrown out in the court or the driver is not convicted it is likely that the premiums will not be affected. If it does not show on your records they cannot find out about it. In some states certain moving violation tickets may require automatic point deduction which would go on your driving records. So, you may need to object to the ticket and that will probably require you to defend yourself in front of a judge.

What are the chances?

A ticket may not be the end of the world even though it is annoying. If you can stop it being a conviction you might get away with keeping your low premiums. According to statistics about one third of tickets written in California never turn in to conviction. This figure is even lower in New York City at twenty seven percent.

According to attorneys you can fight any type of tickets. The easiest ones to overturn are the ones issued for lack of papers. They can be overturned by showing the correct insurance papers, a valid licence or vehicle documentations.

You can fight more serious tickets like speeding as well. Attorneys suggest that there may be possibilities for negotiating a lower fine or getting pardoned.

Possible Effects of Tickets on Car Insurance Rates

Points on driving licences can affect rates. The rate increase for the first moving violation can be as much as 10%. A second one will be taken more seriously. The carrier may withdraw all the good driver discounts offered. Some companies will increase the renewal premium to a high level to force you out when you have several tickets.

The penalties and point deductions can stay on your driver record and keep affecting the rates charged. You would pay a lot extra premium in this time. That is why it is worth fighting the tickets.

How to Prepare for Court Hearings

According to attorneys most people can defend themselves in the traffic courts. Since there is no prison sentence at the end you cannot ask for a public defender anyway. However, you should look for an attorney under these circumstances;

–          if you have received several tickets at once

–          if you have received a speeding ticket for going much faster than the limits set

–          if you have already got traffic convictions in your name.

In other words, if you are likely to come near the limit of losing your licence you should get an attorney to argue the case for you. They would know the system and the operators in it to respond well or negotiate a deal for you.

How Mood Drugs Can Depress Car Insurance Rates

Taking drugs that affect your mood will affect driving abilities as well. Those drugs are antidepressants, sleeping pills and anxiety drugs which are prescribed medicines in the United States of America. Drivers have to read and ask about the side effects of the drugs they are taking. Even some strong cold medicines can cause sleepiness on some people.

According to a report from IMS Health, a health care technology company, the number of antidepressant prescriptions in America has increased two hundred and seventy percent in the last ten years. So, many American drivers are on these medicines and some may not be paying attention to the side effects.

These drugs are used to treat anxiety, depression and insomnia. Taking them will reduce symptoms of mental illness such as loneliness, anxiety and mood swings. However a study published in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology points out that these mood-altering drugs also increase a driver’s risk of ending up in car accidents.

Vehicle crashes especially when the policyholder is at fault are one of the main reasons for car insurance rate increases. Depending on drivers’ fault and size of accidents your premiums can go up 10 – 50% at the next renewal following the claim.

Those drugs are normally sold with prescription. The reason for that is their effect on the mental capacity of a person. They can change the levels of chemicals in the brain in order to restore the normal balance. In the process these chemical changes can affect brain functionality and attention span.

Common side effect reported from users of these drugs is drowsiness. According to doctors this drug-induced drowsiness causes driving impairments. They can also make drivers extremely tired, dizzy and slow down their reactions. Loosing body coordination, slowing response time and blurred vision is common side effects seen on drivers.

Effects of medicines on individuals can differ largely. Depending on your age you may be affected more than others. Ladies are known to be affected more than males.  Elderly people can fall under the influence very quickly and take longer to get rid of the affects from body because of slow operating metabolism.

According to the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology studies the chances of users of these drugs involving in accidents are higher. If you are taking these drugs and going behind the wheel you can experience slow reactions. You may miss the red lights and have blurry vision. This will reduce the stopping times and the distance you can see clearly. These are the combinations that cause you crash the automobile.

People should always read the warnings about the side effects of medicines regardless of them being prescription or over the counter drugs. They should ask their doctors about side effects as well. While trying to fix a problem in your body you do not want to cause a serious harm to it and others around you.

Also, they should monitor their reactions to these drugs before they can judge their fitness for driving. A little care and attention can allow you to enjoy the benefits of the drugs without causing any danger.

Drunk Driving Can Ruin Reputation and Car Insurance Rates

An arrest while driving drunk will have immediate effect on yo r auto insurance. Companies won’t/cannot drop the policyholderr immediately but they will most likely not renew the policy. There are not many alternatives when you are dropped because of it. You will have to seek a high-risk vehicle insurer and they will not come cheap.

The total cost of DUI arrest can be thousands of dollars with the fines, defence costs, loss of licence, loss of earnings and automobile insurance premiums. If you are employed as a driver you are most likely to lose the job. Companies will not be able to keep you even they want to because their commercial insurance will not cover a drunk driver.

The liabilities claims can increase tenfold when the injured parties’ lawyers know that you were drunk. You will face criminal charges and jail time should you cause fatalities behind the wheel. In most cases the driving licence will be taken away for ninety days. The DUI will remain in your licence for five years and your insurance rates will be horrendous for the first three years at least. You may have to pay as much as four times for the basic liabilities cover which is mandatory across the United States of America.

The insurer will most likely be a non-standard company specialized in high risk drivers. None of the top auto insurers will be interested in even quoting for your business. There will be conditions and premiums will be incredibly high.

According to the National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration around one and half million people get arrested for being drunk while driving every year.  If you get caught behind the wheel with blood-alcohol level of 0.08 you will lose your licence for ninety days. If you refuse the breath test you will lose it for one hundred and eighty days. It is not a joke and you will certainly not be laughing. It is almost certain that you will be dropped by most insurers once you are arrested.

When you get your licence back you will be required to fill in financial responsibility certificates for at least three years. This is to make sure that you buy at least liabilities policies. Also, courts will most likely require you to fit ignition devices that will require you to test yourself before the vehicle can be started. If you have alcohol in your system it will not start.

Several factors will affect what happens after the arrest. These are age, driving and criminal record and your legal defence. You will probably need to spend some money for the court costs and lawyers. You would be very lucky if you can get away with minimum fines and convictions. Getting charged with reckless driving instead of drunk driving can make things considerably better for you.

Total cost of being convicted with DUI can be as much as twenty thousand dollars overall that a good legal defence is warranted. Sometimes people can be unluckily caught and maybe just on the border. Then, you’d better make a good case.

Legal Dangerous Driving Patterns among Motorists

Drivers do not have to be on drugs or drunk to be dangerous on the roads. Again they may not be texting (which is illegal) but they may be occupied with something else that affect their response time. Driving requires constant attention and awake-mind to deal with situations that may arise all of a sudden. Anything short of this is not good enough.

They may go unnoticed and may not be written in accident reports as the cause of accident. Still there are a few bad driving patterns we can mention here. First one is being constantly drowsy behind the wheel. Many people suffer from sleep disorder. However, many people with perfectly good health neglect having a good night sleep. They may be spending hours on the computer or having a busy social life.

This is so bad that in a recent study 4% of Americans admitted to falling in sleep while driving within the last thirty days. If the question was within the last year this number could be much higher. Maybe it is higher since who would want to admit such thing. You will not get a ticket for not sleeping well every night but it will eventually result in an accident when it becomes a usual occurrence. And the car insurance rate increases will be much punishing than getting a ticket.

Another problem can be not to check the side effects of over the counter drugs. For example, a cold medicine can make people drowsy. When it is coupled with the cold related tiredness drivers can lose their concentration. It is always necessary to check what medicines you are taking and their side effect on your driving.

Constantly eating something or looking for something to eat or do in the car is another bad habit. It is like texting. You are occupied with something else rather than watching the road. Some people are always busy with the car audio system, keep changing the music or radio station. There are no laws preventing drivers to do these things. But common sense is as good as law if you have it in preventing accidents.

People with sleeping problems should seek medical help to improve their sleeping patterns. Once you are aware of the problems it is causing it may be easier to find solutions. There is no point in keep telling yourself that you are alright. Another problem may be to drive long hours late into the night. Unless you are used to driving long hours and at night your body will want to go to sleep when the usual time of going to bed comes.

Having a good look at the way you are driving will reveal one or two areas that need attention. It is best to tackle these very quickly. If it is hard to deal with on your own, you should seek advice. There are many advance or safe driving courses motorists can take to improve on the problem areas and gain new good habits. There are a few courses online as well if you cannot spare time during working hours. It can actually be fun to learn with online stimulations.

Ways Parents Can Help Teens To Be Good Drivers

Some teenager can be pretty mature and have a keen interest in safe driving. Those teenagers may only need helpful guidance to naturally progress in the way of becoming a lower risk motorist. However, some of them may not be mature or responsible enough to have a licence or drive even though they reached the age and even got the licence. Being a parent we must worry and do whatever we can to improve their skills or prevent them from doing silly things.

When parents, states and teenagers do their bit in the training of the next generation motorists the outcome would be much better. Many states are now moving towards Graduated Driving Licence Tests. These are great in gradually qualifying a young person to a full licence. Teens can adapt to the situation a lot better than having a full licence all of a sudden.

Having a licence may offer falls credentials as to youngsters suddenly graduating to fully responsible adults. This is not true in most cases. They are still teenagers and by default they will make mistakes. The aim is to make sure that those mistakes behind the wheel are not fatal. The point that parents care about them must be highlighted. Otherwise, teens may take it as bossing around.

Even some states’ licensing legislation require parent to be involved in the driving education. They make it mandatory for parents to spend some time teaching how to drive. Nevertheless, they do not have guidelines as to what parents should do in these times. Maybe, it is best to leave it up to individual parents any way. Being a parent you would probably know your child and where he/she needs support.

Also, most state schools do not have driver education in their curriculum anymore. This places more responsibility on parents’ shoulders. Perhaps parents should open a free communication and discussion about driving. This would allow the child to ask questions and parent to make comments.

Along the same line, they could have an agreement with their teens. This should state what they can and cannot do behind the wheel. For example, they cannot use phone or text or have more than one friend at a time as a passenger. This may be regulated by the state already any way. Should the child fail to observe those rules he may lose his car for a set time and get a reward if he is a good driver. Most teens cannot earn the money to buy and insure an automobile. If the parents are providing the means they are responsible for the way they are used as well.

A next step may be to use apps to monitor the situation. Especially when the child is over attached to the phone these apps can be great. Some apps can send a text to parent when the child is texting while the vehicle is on the move. Some of them can actually disable their phones when they are driving. Parents would know best if a drastic measure is required. They should not hold back in such cases for the sake of children’s safety.

Drivers May Get Penalized Heavily For Texting While Driving

Many people may think nothing of texting or talking on the phone while driving. However, it is a serious problem on the roads that danger other people’s lives as well. Drivers know they shouldn’t and they really mustn’t not only it is against the rules but also it is highly dangerous. Sometimes, even with your both eyes on the road and both hands on the steering wheel you may not be able to avoid an accident. How are you going to see the dangers ahead and react to them timely when your eyes and hands are busy with the cell phone?

According to one New York Auto Accidents Claim Attorney, things are a bit more serious for the people who are texting while driving. First of all, they will be fined and lose points on their licences. Texting is banned for New York drivers and they must use Bluetooth devices while they are on the phone. If they are not going to stop on their own at least fear of being pulled over and losing money will prevent them doing so.

Also, it is hard to challenge a conviction after getting caught texting behind the wheel. Technology is good in many ways and makes our lives easier. At times it may work the opposite way and make it harder to lie about something we are not proud to have done. Think twice next time you use your phone on the roads without proper supporting device.

Another serious problem for them is when they cause an accident. Their recklessness can be proven by their phone records. If they were texting or on the phone when the accident happened the claimants can get hold of the phone records to show that they were not paying attention. Even the other people were the real cause of an accident they can easily shift the blame on to you when they can prove that you were on texting. Everything you do with your phone is recorded. You can shout as much as you like that you were not doing anything wrong.

State legislators are constantly looking into new ways drivers get distracted. Stricter rules are being placed. But they should be enforced as well. It is not easy to keep checking if drivers are texting. If the police was to spend time to detect them they would not find time to deal with other problems. This could be even a bigger problem in the cities. Drivers may use these devices as entertainment when they get bored in traffic.

Of course, nothing is as good as self-regulating yourself and people matter to you. Perhaps you should turn the phone off if it is too tempting to read a text just arrives or reply to it. Also, you should warn your partner or children about texting while driving. They may get annoyed with you for the first or second time but if you keep insisting they may have to stop at the end. Tell them that it is you who has to deal with the mess behind if something happens to them in a traffic crash.

Get Cheap Car Insurance the Green Way

Preserving the earth for future generations is everyone’s duty. Regardless of their opinion on the matter people should do whatever they can to help reduce waste and pollution. This topic is still an abstract concept for many people.

Thankfully, the earth has found a new champion — the auto insurance companies. As unlikely as it may sound, the car insurance industry has joined the environmental bandwagon, offering drivers with cheaper insurance premiums if they do their part in protecting the environment.

As reusing, recycling, and reducing waste saves dollars, there are also environment-friendly ways to get cheaper vehicle insurance premiums. As mentioned, insurers are giving discounts for drivers willing to choose greener ways of driving.

Here are some eco-friendly solutions from car insurers that not only benefit the earth they also offer substantial savings for drivers looking for the best automobile insurance quotes:

Go Paperless: Trees preserve the life-sustaining properties of the atmosphere by absorbing the exhaust gases of animal respiration (i.e. the global warming causing carbon dioxide). The more forests there are to absorb greenhouse gases, the cooler (and more liveable) the earth is.

Drivers through their insurance policies can now help offset global warming by saving the trees, via paperless documentation. This means relying on purely digital means for billing, payment, registration, and communication between the insurer and the driver.

A one-time discount is given in electronic registration, and continuing discounts can be had for opting for paperless billing (i.e. via email, etc.). These companies may also offer rebates and other promos for online payments.

Less Car Mileage Lower Rates: Especially in cosmopolitan areas public transport is usually faster than driving to work and less stressful. Furthermore, the internet allows many people work from home. When you reduce mileage you can ask for better rates. Governments and local authorities do their best to reduce vehicles on the roads to avoid dealing with the environmental issues exhaust gasses causes to the cities.

Insurers now also allow charging premiums based on the actual usage of the car. This means that the driver is billed only as long as he or she uses the car. When the car is not used, the driver is not billed or is discounted.

Included in this scheme are up to 50% discount based on use (mileage and time of use), driving patterns, and on other good practices deemed friendly to the environment. Some insurers also give a large discount if the car is not used for a predetermined length of time (90 consecutive days in the garage, for example).

Use a Hybrid: Using hybrid models that use greener fuels is supported by the government through tax breaks and other incentives. In line with this effort, some of the best car insurance companies in the country also offer substantial savings (up to 10% off) for hybrid car owners.

There above are just some of the options to go green. When enjoying a vehicle ownership, do not forget to factor in your duty to the environment. Save the earth and now get insurance savings while doing it.