Large Automobile Insurance Discounts

There are plenty discounts offered for motorists when they are buying auto insurance. Every little one of them will of course help you reduce costs. However, some of the larger discounts are the ones that make a real difference. If you cannot get them you will need to get a few of the small ones to make up the loss. Here are some of those bid discounts.

Good Drivers Always Get the Best Car Insurance Rates

If you really want to see as much as forty percent lower rates you need to be a good driver by avoiding claims and traffic tickets. If you can manage to keep it clean for three years you can get between twenty to forty percent savings depending on the company you apply. Some companies keep giving further discounts for up to five years no claims.

Also, you would have the chance to look in those low vehicle insurance premiums by qualifying for accident forgiveness coverage and buying it. Most companies would look around three to five years no claims before they can offer this cover. Once you have it the insurer promises to look the other way when you have a claim the next time. They let one accident slip without increasing your premium.

Good Credit Score Is More Important Than You Think In Car Insurance

Many motorists suddenly see as much as twenty five percent rise in their premiums at renewal and cannot figure out why. Suddenly letting your credit score drop can do that to your vehicle insurance costs. More and more companies sign up to this concept of financially stable motorists making lower risk policyholders.

Not many people argue about the relation between claims and credit score anymore. The statistical relevance of credit score has been proven by even state insurance authorities while they try to disprove it. Look after your financial affairs well and save money on car insurance. It is hard to get around twenty percent discount for any other reason. Some companies do offer large discounts on this while few may not pay as much attention. So, if you have an awesome credit record look for better quotes.

Choose the Right Car If You Don’t Want to Pay High Insurance Premiums

Another area closely looked at when determining quotes is the car insured alongside personal details of the drivers listed and their driving history. Premiums demanded can easily be doubled depending on your car. Sports and high horse power cars, Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV) and most stolen automobiles are expensive to insure because of the expected losses.

Insurers like the cars with solid body that can withstand accidents. They also look for features that reduce injuries to drivers, passengers and occupants of other cars they crash onto. Advanced seat belts and air bags are some of these features appreciated. The ram bars installed on some of the SUVs are not appreciated as they cause more damage and severe injuries on third party people and properties.

If you are considering changing your car or buying the first one for your teenager you should get quotes for the models you are considering first. This will allow you to see how these cars are liked by insurers and help you to make a decision.

Other Factors and Ways of Saving Money

Age and gender of drivers is a very important factor in premium calculations but there is not much you can do about these factors. Education level, profession, homeownership, being married, having a low mileage and living in a safe neighborhood are some the other factors that affect your rates. Try to pick some more discounts by qualifying for them where possible.

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