Legal Dangerous Driving Patterns among Motorists

Drivers do not have to be on drugs or drunk to be dangerous on the roads. Again they may not be texting (which is illegal) but they may be occupied with something else that affect their response time. Driving requires constant attention and awake-mind to deal with situations that may arise all of a sudden. Anything short of this is not good enough.

They may go unnoticed and may not be written in accident reports as the cause of accident. Still there are a few bad driving patterns we can mention here. First one is being constantly drowsy behind the wheel. Many people suffer from sleep disorder. However, many people with perfectly good health neglect having a good night sleep. They may be spending hours on the computer or having a busy social life.

This is so bad that in a recent study 4% of Americans admitted to falling in sleep while driving within the last thirty days. If the question was within the last year this number could be much higher. Maybe it is higher since who would want to admit such thing. You will not get a ticket for not sleeping well every night but it will eventually result in an accident when it becomes a usual occurrence. And the car insurance rate increases will be much punishing than getting a ticket.

Another problem can be not to check the side effects of over the counter drugs. For example, a cold medicine can make people drowsy. When it is coupled with the cold related tiredness drivers can lose their concentration. It is always necessary to check what medicines you are taking and their side effect on your driving.

Constantly eating something or looking for something to eat or do in the car is another bad habit. It is like texting. You are occupied with something else rather than watching the road. Some people are always busy with the car audio system, keep changing the music or radio station. There are no laws preventing drivers to do these things. But common sense is as good as law if you have it in preventing accidents.

People with sleeping problems should seek medical help to improve their sleeping patterns. Once you are aware of the problems it is causing it may be easier to find solutions. There is no point in keep telling yourself that you are alright. Another problem may be to drive long hours late into the night. Unless you are used to driving long hours and at night your body will want to go to sleep when the usual time of going to bed comes.

Having a good look at the way you are driving will reveal one or two areas that need attention. It is best to tackle these very quickly. If it is hard to deal with on your own, you should seek advice. There are many advance or safe driving courses motorists can take to improve on the problem areas and gain new good habits. There are a few courses online as well if you cannot spare time during working hours. It can actually be fun to learn with online stimulations.

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