How Vehicle History Reports Help Policyholders?

Vehicle history reports are great in reducing insurance issues especially when purchasing a second hand auto. Finding out how a certain vehicle’s condition is important. There are various sources where this information can be found. They will tell you a lot about an automobile you are interested like number of accidents, major works done, certain damages (like flood) and number of owners. Some of the sources include auto insurance companies, automotive repair shops, law enforcement agencies and states vehicle departments.


This will help you determine the cost of that specific vehicle and find out whether it is worth the amount that the seller is asking. The search doesn’t take long especially if you know where to find the right information. You do not have to tell the seller that you are doing all the checks since some would be hiding something so as to have their car out of their compound.

When finding out about a vehicle on sale you may need to see several reports to get the full picture. For instance the seller may have not told you of any mechanical problem that a vehicle have but when you approach a source like state vehicle department they can alert you of this. Another thing is when trying to find out whether the vehicle belongs to the person or a company that is selling it. Remember there are thousands of car thefts which are reported per year and it could be that the car you are interested was stolen.

To avoid having such issues it is wise to do some research before making that step of buying. It is good to know the condition of the vehicle too so as to be aware of what is to come and how to handle it not forgetting that the value of the vehicle will determine the price tag.

As you know most of the sellers are not individual people but organizations. When looking for vehicle reports there are those who will sell it for you while others provide it for free. This is to increase credibility with their client while some try to make money out of it. The reports are sold at 40 to 60 dollars by different sellers. Some come with the whole report which is referred as title information. This comes with all details that you may need to know.

If in case you do not find it there are other source where you can check the missing package especially if you feel it is more important. In most reports you will find details like the vehicle title holder with inclusion of the number of reported claims, when it was serviced, damages have occurred to it among others.


You can still purchase a car despite the condition or any problem it may have. One thing that the buyer should be aware is that sometimes safety may become a major challenge. A report that comes with major safety issues will alert you to be careful. Remember some of these vehicles are sold due to some problems such as damages caused by flood, road accident among others. One may decide to buy salvage parts or have them fixed. When you approach your insurer one thing that you can be sure of is that they will come and check whether the vehicle is in line with state law and safety.

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