Better Car Insurance Rates for Female Drivers

This could be a moment where you could get a ‘so, who’s better now?’ from your wife; or if you are a wife, this is one perfect I-told-you-so moment, for car insurance companies agree – women  are indeed the better drivers.

Risk assessment and auto insurance rates

Insurance premiums are calculated on a thick set of rules that determine individual risk. Basically, when requested by applicants for car insurance quotes, the insurer will base the figures on statistics that show how likely or not likely the driver will collect from them at some point in the future.

There are several factors that are used in the calculation. This include: driving history, safety rating of the car, value of the car, actual time the car is used, where the car is used, and on demographics such as age and gender, marital status, credit history, or the crime rate in a particular community.

Chief of these is the individual’s driving habits – whether he or she will stay safe on the road. As statistics show, SHE will likely stay safe more than he. Hence, this results in cheaper vehicle insurance premiums for her.

Technical skills and driving behavior

Although numerous studies show than men are involved in more accidents than women (statistically and not just by sheer numbers), it does not necessarily mean that they are less skilled on the road. In fact, men tend to be more proficient on the road.

It seems that men’s skill is their own downfall — for this encourages them to engage in more risky road behavior. Therefore men are more prone to violate traffic laws and to be involved in other sorts of road altercations.

Consider the statistics: men are 3x more likely to be convicted on DUI, more than 3x likely to drive recklessly, and they also overspeed much more than women. In effect, men are of course slapped with more expensive car insurance rates.

Social forces at play

Other factors that may distort the statistics against male drivers are concerned with the way our society is structured. This means while men tend to figure in more accidents, it could simply be because there are more male drivers on the road. Also, in many domestic setups, it is usually the men who need to drive farther to work.

There is also the observation that when couples are driving, the women tend to relegate more driving to their male companion. This includes situations like driving in bad weather, in congested urban highways, or in otherwise difficult conditions. Of course, these are the very same road conditions where most accidents occur.

Setting your car insurance premiums low

For both men and women, however, the only controllable way to get the cheapest auto insurance is by improving your safety driving record. This means obeying traffic laws and keeping your slate clean for the longest time possible.

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